Any tips for catching up the blocks?

I am new miner for Credit Coin. Actually first time to mine a cryptocurrency. Now I am running docker to catch up the previous blocks. My computer didn’t start mining yet.
Thanks to “sword”, now I can check my block height is getting higher or not.
But the speed of increment of height is too slow. It takes about 15 min to catch up a block.

I am curious if there’s any tips to increase the speed of Block-catch-ups. Or maybe any factors that effects block follow up

I am running the docker on Ubuntu 20.04 with 8 cores of Intel 3.2GHz Processor and 32GB DRAM.

It is not step size incremental with time. If your server get right peers, your server’s block height will increase quickly. You’ll notice it when your cpu fan’s speed up.
So just wait til you can catch up and sync with right peers.
There is no way to boost your block height increment as far as I know.
There is always fork for every block because of the characteristic of PoW, so it is natural for your server to ask previous blocks, re-compute, and discard your previous blocks in according with your peers.

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