Any way to see the block progress?

I have just started mining the Creditcoin. But the log just shows three types of messages

1)Block xxx has already been requested

2)Request missing predecessor:

3)Drop already validated block:

I am getting these messages for several hours. I am not sure that my computer is catching up the blocks. I tried to copy and paste the id of “already validated” block in block explorer to see the height of the block, but some how the block explorer is broken that I can’t see the height. It’s just full of black lines. Is there any command to find out that my mining program is catching up the blocks well?

Hi, paul.

Search with keyword before asking will save your time.
Almost all of possible questions on mining were asked, in my thought.

Currently, the block explorer is not working. I’m also just waiting for developers to finish their work to enhance and debug hyperledger sawtooth.

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Thanks for the reply. I hope they fix the block explorer soon.

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