How can I check block number now?

I think it is process of downloading chain. So I want to know if it’s well.

But api doesn’t work now…

What is solution of this situation? Can I just wait…?


You can use following command to check current block height of your server.

docker exec -it creditcoin-client ./ccclient tip

Please refer to the following manual by clayop.

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

But I can’t understand meaning of this messege… Am I wrong?

I used snapshot yours in this post. Snapshot script & snapshot file (2021.01.18) - #4 by sword

Did you follow the following manual by maa??
Please refer to the “스냅샷 적용하기” section.

You can check whether importing was success or not by following command.
Check the file’s size and date&time.

ls -ltr /var/lib/docker/volumes/server_validator-block-volume/_data

Yeah I read that guide and followed… It is my local volume status

Hmm… It is weird.
Please import the original snapshot file by Gluwa, and check if it is working or not.
I guess my snapshot file does not work for others except me.

Okay I will try. Thank you for your kindness :slight_smile:

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Also, please note that you can easily check which blocks you’ve mined by following url.[ENTER YOUR PUBLIC KEY HERE]

Above site is available thanks to 푸른파도.