Catch Block If You Can

Hello~, guys~.
I’m trying to running mining server.
But it is vey hard to me to catch-up the latest block.

When applying the official snapshot(603,058 block height) in the official site(‘Updating Creditcoin Nodes - Creditcoin Documentation’),
the validator says tons of

  • ~ has already been requested.
  • request missing ~~~~
  • drop ~~~~
  • blahblah…

but the block height does not grow. it stucks at 603,092 height.

Please update the snapshot in the official website.
anybody here?

So I tried to apply another snapshot(2021.03.14, 54.22GB) by ‘sword’ in this community. Unfortunately there is no seeder.
And no one seeds ‘sword’'s some older snapshots too.

I’m really appreciate if someone shares these snapshot.

See New Snapshot - 5/16/2021

Thanks for your support.
I will try the snapsot. :slight_smile:

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