Is it working correctly?

I’m not sure my server is mining now.

Height of block is pointing 603092 for several hours.
So I passes -vv options to “settings-tp” and “sawtooth-validator” for checking logs.

Now I can see tons of logs of “Request missing predecessor”, “Block ## has already been requested”, “Drop already validated block”, “Received repeat GossipBlockRequest from ##”, “Dispatch incoming queue size: #” and so on.

And status of peers are looks fine.

2021-03-09 01:43:48 Peer is open
2021-03-09 01:43:48 Peer is open
2021-03-09 01:43:48 Peer is open

Is it working right?
Or, is there any point I have to check?

I’m working on Ubuntu 20.04 and snapshot on official document.

Thank you.

Yes. Your server is working.
Making your peer count to be not 0 will be enough.

Appreciate your reply.

I ran the mining server last night, however it’s still same block height(603092). So I turned off this morning.
From some previous threads, most of miner server look like catch up block height in few hours.

How long does it take to catch up block height usually?
If I use other people’s snapshot, can I speed up this process?

Thank you.

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There is no average estimated time to catch up the latest block height, because it is impossible to anticipate when you will get the right peers.

I’m not an expert on hyperledger sawtooth, so I can’t explain the detail how it start to sync or give an way to speed up synchronization, but just waiting 2~3 days with connected 2~4 peers worked in my personal experience.

You can import my snapshot file, but some reported that it didn’t work, while others said it worked. If you did backup, I recommend you to give a shot.

Wow, really appreciate!

Thank you so much.

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Appreciate to your advice.
I’m mining successfully now.
5 ~ 10mins after applying your snapshot, I could check my server block height was increased.

Thank you.

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