After applying the update snapshot to 1.7 Failed to keep up with blocks

안녕하세요~ 1.7 업데이트를 7/5일 적용하였는데 2일이 되어도 최초 스냅샷 블럭의 수에서 많이 증가 되지 않네요.

예를 들어 7/7일 현재 블럭 Block Height 854,121
나의 PC 채굴 Block Height : 829,603

다른 PC의 6/20일경 스냅샷을 적용한 PC는 채굴이 정상적으로 진행되고 있어서 Peer와 LOG를 비교해도 문제 되는 점이 보이지가 않습니다.

2일정도 기다렸는데 혹시 더 기다려야 할까요?

Hello~ I applied the 1.7 update on July 5th, but it doesn’t increase much from the number of first snapshot blocks on the 2nd. Do you happen to know the cause?

For example, Block Height 854,121 as of 7/7
My PC Mining Block Height: 829,603

The PC with the snapshot applied around June 20th is mining normally, so there is no problem comparing Peer and LOG.

I’ve been waiting for about 2 days, should I wait more?

try to have your node connected to at least 5 other peers at all times. Try picking a few nodes too. Activate the verbose logs and look for init (this is the PoW solver) logs constantly. If your node is struggling to catch up even though it is actively trying to mine blocks, you need to find better peers.

Hope you’ve resolved the issue.

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