Port list to be opened

Is there any guide about port numbers?

Because I’d like to keep my mining server port minimized, I want to close all other unnecessary port.

I tried with 8800, 4004, 55555, 8008 which are found from docker-compose.yaml file and mining guide.

But sawtooth-validator-default container seems to need more opened port. (It throws error number 110, connection time out error)

It should be good if mining guide include used port list.

Only port 8800 needs to be opened.

From Creditcoin Miner's Manual - Creditcoin Documentation

  • Replace <insert.your.ip> on lines 51 and 61 with your public IPv4 address. The public IPv4 address must be static and not generated from DHCP. Do not include the "<" and ">" signs. For example: --endpoint tcp:// \

Thanks to confirm. I think my problem was because I didn’t restart iptables service. So accepted rule doesn’t applied.