Is my server mining properly?

Hi, I’m new to setup here. I followed steps in the Korean manual, mostly, but I’m not really sure whether it is working correctly or not. Here are the logs when turning up the server.

And this is the output of the command(block numbers and public keys mined so far):
pub=$(docker exec -it sawtooth-validator-default sh -c “cat /etc/sawtooth/keys/”)
docker exec -it sawtooth-validator-default bash -c “sawtooth block list --url http://rest-api:8008 -F csv” | grep $pub | awk -F, ‘BEGIN{printf(“BLKNUM SIGNER\n”)} {printf("%s\t%s\n", $1, $5)}’

962418  035be067.....5aec
962417  035be067.....5aec

Yes, it works properly.
But the current 1.7v mainnet has some block syncing issue, so solo miner with 1 machine may not be able to mine a block or it will take a long time. The time taken to be mined depends on machine power and the number of machines definitely.
The Creditcoin team is working on it and it will be resolved on the mainnet 2.0. The testnet of 2.0 is currently underway for resolving the issue and it gives very satisfying results. When the testing is done, it will surely provide a fresh mining experience never experienced before.

Thank you for answer!

It works well.
Creditcoin will soon be the 2.0 version.