Is it working well? too many logs, no meaningful results

As you can see above, I’m on mining with docker under Windows10.
I got so many logs like this, but I’m not sure whether it works well or not.

I saw some articles that showed some similar result like me, but I don’t know if they really made it.

Let me know something I should do for the next step…
or things I can check when I properly mined.

Thank you in advance…

Another logs I got

One more image.
I got error logs like below

17229463 [0x7f3327eb0780] ERROR sawtooth.TransactionProcessor null - signal interrupt received
17229771 [0x7f3327eb0780] ERROR sawtooth.TransactionProcessor null - TransactionProcessor::Run ERROR: attempting to request a message part outside the valid range
17229771 [0x7f3327eb0780] INFO sawtooth.TransactionProcessor null - Unregister TP

I also have the same problem as you.
I do not know.