New version(1.7) released?

I found 1.7 versioned blocks In the block explorer site
(Creditcoin Explorer),
1.7 released? w/o any notice?

It looks like more than 3 miners upgraded their server to new version.
Is it mainnet test by developers?

IMO, the 1.6 miners can not mint any block anymore according to protocol changes in 1.7(

But 1.7 does not fix the streak problems.

  1. How to upgrade to 1.7?
  2. How to fix the streak issue?
  3. According to the new PoW script,
    If find nonce, increase the difficulty and solve same quiz again
    instead waiting a new quiz.
    Is it right?
digest = _Helper.build_digest_with_encoded_data(encodedBlockID, encodedPublicKey, b_nonce)
digest_difficulty = _Helper._count_leading_zeroes(digest)
if digest_difficulty >= difficulty:
    responder.send([_SolverState.HASH, solver, actual_solver, id, difficulty, b_nonce])
    difficulty = digest_difficulty + 1
    nonce = random.randrange(sys.maxsize)
    nonce = nonce + 1
  1. Please follow the instruction at Updating Creditcoin Nodes - Creditcoin Documentation
  2. We believe the mining streak issue is handled. We’ll know when more miners migrate to 1.7, but the streak looks definitely shorter than before.
  3. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. A node can increase the weight of its block in two different ways: 1) mine the next block or 2) find a solution with higher difficulty. We go for the latter because the solution has a higher chance of getting included in the blockchain and decreases the number/length of forks.

Thanks for the detailed explaination.
Thats sounds resaonable.
If the 1.7 release date is anonced before today,
It would be much fair to all miners.