Does 1.7 fix mining streak issue?

In the block explorer,
only 3~5 miners are working on the network.

IMO, The mining streak issue came back.

It would be hard to the new quiz solvers(prime & perf) to fix the issue.

SOLVER_PERF raised the difficulty to 36 from 29 at Block #857604.(Creditcoin Explorer)

  • Is it from programmed nature of perf? or
  • A bold experiment on Mainnet TEST?

After that the block explorer site does not update block status. lose it’s way?
Miners are struggling to find 36 difficulty nonce from #857604?

What is going on the CTC network since last weekend?

The mining streak issue did not come back as far as I see it.

I am told that some miners have started to run a mining pool with significantly higher hash power than most of the nodes, which explains why some nodes dominate the mining rewards.