About mining streak problem

I have some questions.

Why does the ‘mining streak problem’ happened?
When is the release date of the next ‘streak-less’ version?
How to solve this problem? or
Is the ‘mining streak’ solvable?
This mining issue is not solved for more than six months.

  • I think the mempool is empty always.
    Because there are few transactions statistically.
    Almost every block has just 1 transaction.
    Block time was set by 60sec. but sometimes 1 transaction during 5mins.
    (ex, block #821272~#821271)

    So if a miner could see the quiz in the CTC network at first,
    the minner could find nonce at first.
    The nonce under 23 difficluty is solvable until 60sec timer off.
    In my opinion, currently network speed to get the quiz at first is the top priority to miners
    than cpu power.

In the official block explorer site(Blocks)
Miners does not receive the block reward except for some miners such as ‘f54f5b09d6820ef3612f86c265264f606f18aff21802f05d54654b45d0c4’
I found it is because of ‘housekeeping’ in the past post, What is housekeeping?

How to run full node without mining?

Nobody except staff knows.
I’ve heard that the latest version will be release soon, and it will relieve that mining streak events.
Also heard that upgrade was postponed because of several bugs during quality assurance process.
In my thought, commercial transactions will be crowded after successful deployment of that upgrade.

I’ve heard that Housekeeping is not the reason of block streak.
The company would have pre-mined, like ethereum, xrp, etc, if it wanted more credit coins. Why bothering?

As far as I know, there is no full node mode without mining so far.

Thanks for your reply.
I know ‘housekeeing’ does not make the steak issue.
I’m just wondering Why there is no way to check the block reward was given correctly to the other miners.