Does current mining status is normal situation now?

Hi to all,
since couple of days, mine difficulty has been strangely raised more than 30 and some specified miner mined continuously without any control.

I heard that the phenomenon of monopoly mining, which is performed continuously for tens of hundreds of blocks or more, has disappeared after the 1.7 version update.

However, as you can see by looking at the block explorer, the phenomenon of monopoly mining continues to be seen. Is this simply because miners operate a miner with a fairly high specification so that ordinary miners cannot mine, or is a separate test in progress on the company node?

I always appreciate all your effort to managing mining system, thanks.

I will waiting for your answer.

IMO, this is natural for Proof-of-Work. Winner takes all.
But mining streak should be investigated and solved someday.
But I guess that currently we need to give them time to improve TPS to meet partner’s requirements.


We have learned that some people started to run powerful mining pools, which explains the behavior.

As far as we see it, this is not the mining streak issue.

Also, please post in English only.


Thank you for your clarify.

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Thank you sword. I try to upgrade my mining stuff even if it work or not;).

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