Mining trends on these days


  • It looks like transactions are not confirmed immediately.
  • Mining interval is irregular.
  • Sometiems no transaction is confirmed duing 2 hours.

Few days ago:

  • almost every single transation is processed in 1 minute.

I know mining speed is programmed as 1 block/60 sec.
Recent difficulty is pretty low(under 10) due to current mining interval.
One or two weeks ago, the difficulty is about above 25.

In my conspiracy theory,

  • Big three miners those who can catch the sha256 quiz at first,
    make their own network(only permit connections from white-IP address)
    to prevent the quiz from being leaked to other small miners.
    And keep transactions in mem pool for an hour, to lower difficulty.
    After they mined new block, leak already solved quiz to other miners to encourage others creating an orphan block, or make them behind of main chain always.


  • It is becaue that transactions actually occur less frequently than past days.
    Anyway It is also big problem. :frowning:


  • It is related to releasing 1.7 update. on-chain test?

How do you think about these issues?

I also wondering how to get out of stale block?
Yesterday, I found my mining server is making orphan chains.

It is important to find a peer holding the latest main blocks.
But it is not easy as expected.
I found keeping block state updated is very hard while running my own mining server.

  • Behind by 10~20 block on the main chain or
  • Ahead few blocks on my own orphan chain.

1.7 fixes this

Adding more characters because of the minimum character requirement

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Hi~ founder.
Iā€™m looking forward to mining with 1.7 version.
Thanks for your reply.