Docker-compose.yaml error

The updated server and client require docker-compose.yml, gateway Config,clientConfig,json code. It seems to be different from the guide, so it is very different.
I set it on Windows, but even if I do port forwarding, I get a 503 error, and the tar file is set and then an error occurs…ㅠㅠ

Please use the docs here:

Thank you. I have a question, but the capacity of the tar file downloaded is over 80 GB, but during the installation process by executing the command, the capacity exceeds 400 GB. How much capacity do I need to use the mining system??
May 17

Please use the docs here:

Creditcoin Miner’s Manual

This guide will walk you through connecting to the Creditcoin blockchain and running your own Server and Client.

Updating Creditcoin Nodes

We recommend using the latest production images for better mining experience. Also, you can take advantage of a snapshot to upstart your syncing process.

It’s hard to give an exact answer, because the blockchain is always growing, however, for now around 512 GB should be enough storage for the blockchain itself. 1 TB if you want to future-proof yourself and have plenty of room for logs and backups, etc.

Here’s a breakdown of the actual blockchain usage on disk at the moment:

File GB
block-00.lmdb 3.772420096
merkle-00.lmdb 215.4073129
receipts-00.lmdb 0.815833088
Total 219.9955661

If your 400 GB drive is being exhausted, I’m assuming there are old blockchain versions or other data using additional space. There are some commands to find large files in this thread on that might help find them:
disk usage - What's a command line way to find large files/directories to remove and free up space? - Ask Ubuntu

You need to untar using sparse mode.
Please find following command example.

tar -I pigz -xvf <저장한 디렉토리>/CTC_Snapshot_210314_130508.tar.gz -P /var/lib/docker/volumes/server_validator-block-volume/

tar xzvf /creditcoin-block-volume.tar.gz -C /var/lib/docker/volumes/server_validator-block

Is this a different command than this one?

Refer to the following manuals.

리눅스 tar 명령어 사용법. (Linux tar command) - 파일 압축 및 해제 :: 개발자를 위한 레시피
tar(1) man page