Where is the credit history being recorded now?

On the Creditcoin mainnet there are no real transaction like ‘SendFund’.

It seems that building the Luniverse sidechain comes first.

I don’t know when the sidechain record will be recorded on the mainnet.

See When is supposed to be alive with real transaction? - #2 by will_gluwa

I wouldn’t say it’s paused. Anyone is capable of recording credit history on the blockchain, and we (Gluwa) are still recording some loans on the blockchain ourselves.

We’re working on a new version of the Credal API and Creditcoin Blockchain which will make the experience smoother and allow for more throughput. Once that’s tested and released, partners will start placing a lot more loans onto the platform, but it’s still possible and being done at the moment.

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I deleted my reply by mistake.
Thanks for your detail reply.
How to find loan history recorded by the Gluwa on block explorer site?

Herein lies a problem, in my opinion. There’s no easy way to “find” these transactions in the current implementation of the Block Explorer (https://explorer.creditcoin.org) other than scrolling through pages and pages of Creditcoin Explorer.

I’ve made suggestions to the Creditcoin Product Manager and development team to improve this experience, such as transaction type filters and views that allow a user to see full loan flows or all transactions associated with a user, for example, however those are still under development at the moment.

Example concept for “Quick Filters” by Transaction type:


It will be great if the block explorer get updated as your proto type.

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