When is supposed to be alive with real transaction?

Transactions of money is working pretty good with Luniverse.io.
But the mainnet of Creditcoin seems not to be ready to accommodate transactions of personal credit. It is only housekeeping until now.

When the mainnet is supposed to be alive?

There are already loans being recorded on the platform, they’re just not as easy to find on the Blockchain as you might expect.
I believe that future interations of the Blockchain Explorer will make finding this sort of data more efficient.

Admittedly, logging loans via the command line client can be cumbersome. We’re working on additional tools for logging transactions to the Creditcoin platform, which should simplify this process, which more information will be provided on as it becomes available.

Here’s some example transactions relating to loans:

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Thanks for your kind answer.

But I guess that there should be several transactions for single loan, so transactions for Creditcoin should be more than those of Luniverse.

Those example transactions is good for confirming that mainnet is working well, but I can’t understand why those trxns for credit is rare, comparing with those of Luniverse. Could you expand it?

We’re working with our partners to integrate loan flows into Creditcoin again in the future. This is paused for now, as while we focus on stabilizing the blockchain and improving miner performance and reliability in order to meet their transactions per second (TPS) needs.

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OK. I got it. Those are absolutely more important issues to clear.
Thanks for your kind answer again. :smiley:

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