Community Update Report #1

We would love to kickstart this community forum again with an amazing update regarding our Creditcoin ecosystem! This update is a summary of all the important announcements made in the community’s Discord.

Without further ado, here are the things that happened lately!

  1. We have redesigned Gluwa and Creditcoin’s websites for 2023!

  2. We are currently running a community contest for our upcoming Creditcoin 3.0 launch with an NFT mini giveaway event!

  3. The Creditcoin 2.0 Mainnet hashrate has reached 1.82 TH/s! ATH!

  4. We conducted an AMA with Kucoin!

  5. Creditcoin 2.0+ will remove CTC’s 2 billion supply cap, yet 2.0+ actually delivers less CTC inflation than ever before.