When Mining, please utilize a local gateway

General Announcement to Creditcoin Miners: The Creditcoin Foundation suggests that you please utilize a local gateway rather than a global gateway as it is generally more efficient. We are constantly working to improve stability and performance. More info can be found here:

What is the difference between the local and global gateway? I can’t find the difference with the docker_compose.yaml you linked and my docker_compose.yaml. If it’s not different from the docker compose file, is there no need to do anything?

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A long time ago, the entrypoint for processor was, by default, pointing to the shared Gateway (tcp://creditcoin-gateway.gluwa.com:55555) instead of a locally running version.

In that version of the docker-compose.yaml file, there was no gateway section in the docker-compose.yaml file and instead of:
./ccprocessorLinux.out tcp://validator:4004 tcp://gateway:55555 http://rest-api:8008

It showed:
./ccprocessorLinux.out tcp://validator:4004 tcp://creditcoin-gateway.gluwa.com:55555 http://rest-api:8008

If your docker-compose file contains the gateway section, and their processor section doesn’t reference tcp://creditcoin-gateway.gluwa.com:55555 they’re not affected by this.

Here’s an example of what the Gateway section should look like:

    image: gluwa/creditcoin-gateway:1.7
    container_name: creditcoin-gateway
      - 55555
      - 55555:55555
     - source: gateway_config
       target: /home/Creditcoin/Gateway/appsettings.json
    entrypoint: ./ccgateway
    stop_signal: SIGKILL
        driver: "json-file"
            max-file: "5"
            max-size: "10m"```
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