What is the housekeeping?

Most miners can’t query their mining status by their sighash in the block explorer.
A minted block has only one housekeeping transaction made from miner.

In this community, prior questions about the housekeeping was made.
But I can’t find any detail explaination for the housekeeping.
I found taelimoh’s reply about housekeeping like that
“You will receive your mining reward when we run housekeeping.
The network is currently holding it due to a performance issue that we are working on.” at Nov. 2020.
(Block Reward problem? - #2 by taelimoh)

What does the housekeeping mean exactly?

When will you run the housekeeping?

Is the performance issue on progress?
If it is on the right way, How could the problem be solved?

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A1: Housekeeping are operations that the network needs to run at certain intervals to keep healthy, things like removing expired contracts, distributing fees back, and rewarding miners. Housekeeping used to be injected manually by the gateway node. Now, nodes inject their own housekeeping transactions at the beginning of a block, making it more decentralized. If there aren’t any other transactions in the network the only one you will always have in a block is a housekeeping txn.

A2 Housekeeping is self-injected once per block always at the beginning.

A3. There’s active research on performance enhancements including database analysis, migrations to faster technologies, and reworking code.

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Hi~ Hilt.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:
When will the mining rewards be given to the miners?
And Do you know any convenient way to query mining status by sighash?(except traveling API server(https://api.creditcoinexplorer.com/api/Blocks)

You can check the current housekeeping tip with this if your node has the rest-api enabled:
you may have to decode the response using Base64.

My rest-api server returns base64 encoded value of six digit starts with 6.
Does it means mining rewards of the blocks under the tip(block height) were given to miners?

The current tip is at 800k+, as you said, housekeeping is around 600k+, so rewards have been issued to all miners prior to block 600k+ (housekeeping tip).