Resource allocation

Dear Creditcoin managers,

I have a question about mining PC resource allocation.
I’m using following spec and environment.

  • CPU : Xeon 8 core (little bit old version)
  • OS : Windows 10
  • Docker CPU allocation : CPU 6 core

I thought CPU resources should be allocated to docker container. So, I allocated 6 core to docker. (Default was 2 core)
But I can’t feel the performance change like block update speed.

What is the recommended setting?


If the with multiple PoW Solvers isn’t copied into container ‘sawtooth-validator-default’ at startup, there won’t be any difference in mining performance. The previous version runs a single Proof-of-Work Solver process on a single CPU core.

I’m using init,py file in same path with “docker-compose.yaml”.
Then more core for docker is better for performance?

If the host machine has two CPU cores, you won’t see much Solver performance improvement with the new . One-half of available CPU cores are allocated to Solvers; therefore, a minimum of four cores (= two Solvers) are required to see any performance gain.

Thank you Glenn. I miss understood this. I reduced cpu allocation for docker from 6 to 4.