New Snapshot - 3/9/2022

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aria2c -x5

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Snapshot Details

  • Timestamp: 3/9/2022
  • Latest Block: 1124015
  • File Name: snapshot-03-09-2022.tar.gz
  • File Size: 90.0 GB
  • SHA-256 File Hash: d694d018e39074efdcfee4681004e53271c0587bfd42edb64a7a39b56095f3a2
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@will_gluwa ,
Currently, the block information shown in the Explorer differs from the block information of my local nodes.
I don’t know what the new snapshot is based on, but I think the information on the explorer should be corrected quickly.

Are the snapshots you uploaded normal?
I’ve downloaded it in several ways now.
When I unzip it, an error occurs.
Sometimes it even exceeds 130G and the download continues.
Please check the snapshot.

I have not experienced the same issues and have restored several nodes using the snapshot

@will_gluwa ,
Could you share the last block information of your nodes in a discord chatroom? All my nodes (more than 10 ) are keeping synchronization well but it’s far from the explorer.

It’s honestly probably better to wait for the next Creditcoin release at this point. The 1.7 nodes have a number of peering/sync issues which will be resolved by the next release. Most of the Gluwa-managed nodes are between blocks 1124083 and 1125733.

Do you mimd if i ask you to share the IP of Gluwa-managed nodes?
It looks like Gluwa-managed nodes are not connected to others.
Current difficulty and block interval are unusual.
So easy but too much interval.
IMO something happend at block #1121744. Block interval is more than 4 hours. Creditcoin Explorer

They’re in CreditcoinDockerCompose-Mainnet/docker-compose.yaml at dev · gluwa/CreditcoinDockerCompose-Mainnet · GitHub


They are already well-known Gluwa’s nodes
I asked you if there are any unknown nodes.
Anyway thanks.