Is there any way to initialization modified Priv & Pub key without running docker-compose.yaml?

Hello to all,

When I was changing the Priv key and Pub key of the server I was mining, an error occurred and the following error display.
It seems Priv key was wrong what I input.

(Below code is what I used and worked fine except this.)

docker exec -it sawtooth-validator-default bash
echo “PRIVKEY input” > /etc/sawtooth/keys/validator.priv
echo “PUBKEY input” > /etc/sawtooth/keys/
docker-compose down
docker-compose up

So is there any way to initialize Priv&pub key without running docker-compose.yaml?

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Problem solved.

Thks for everyone.

#rm -f /var/lib/docker/volumes/server_validator-key-volume/_data/*
This helps me to initialization creditcoin’s Priv&Pub keys.

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