About mining pool

Thank you for your hard work in this hot summer.

I want to know how to make a mining pool. Or how to participate

There is nothing a solo miner can do at a time when mining pools are monopolized.

  1. How do individuals create mining pools?

  2. Should open source be customized?
    Or can the manual be distributed?

Hope for the solo miners…plz :sob:

By the nature of the mining, each miner is pretty much on its own. There is no immediate incentive for them to open up their mining pool to others. However, I expect to see competitors soon (now I see about 2 or 3); It’s not too complicated if you are a decent programmer to create a mining pool. At that point, a mining pool that lets individuals to join would get a better chance.

thank your answer !

Can you tell me when Mining Pool was supported?

Can I expect this change(mining) to be a faster mainnet launch and actual use schedule?


Thank you in advance for your answer.

I am also very interested in mining pools. But I have absolutely nothing to do with programmers. I wish there was a mining pool.

The mining pool wasn’t created by the Creditcoin Foundation or Gluwa. It was built by independent miners. I found it out by looking at the mined blocks and getting contacted by the miner.

Technically, a mining pool was always possible. It was just not built.

Regarding the relationship between the mining pool and the development of the Creditcoin Network, it is definitely positive. Higher difficulty makes the blockchain more stable and secure. That does not increase the TPS or change the usages schedule directly, but it definitely helps.