Why do I keep getting errors?

./cccommand.sh: 47줄 [ :: 정수 표현식 예상됨

It pops up every five to seven hours, so the blocks don’t stretch and there’s an error.
Do you think there’s a solution?

It seems that your client container was stuck.
This happens when user inputs another command while previous command is being executed.
You can recover your client container by the following manual, but it is cumbersome.
If you are executing more than one script simultaneously on one server, your client container most certainly be stuck.

Anyway, how about you try newer script in English?

thank you sword… but i have a question… [rm plugins/progress.txt] why isn’t this command working?? no such file, no directory…

It needs to be run from the client container, so you could either do:

docker exec -it creditcoin-client bash
rm plugins\progress.txt


docker exec creditcoin-client rm plugins\progress.txt