Turned off mining rig

I just turned off mining server. Maybe end of solo mining. Just waiting for mining pool informations. But I wonder about possiblity of ASIC miners or GPU mining(single high hash power). Because currently, on mainnet CTC transfer is not possible so that it is not possible to distribute it. And housekeeping things…

Multi-core, mining pool, GPU, and ASIC mining are all possible. I heard that the first three are already live by some people.

I think it’d be advantageous for a mining pool to open up its pool to solo miners so that you can work together, forming a greater mining power. Let me know if anyone is working on this.


Is GPU supported?
Wasn’t it CPU mining?


GPU mining will the manual be released? Or do I have to customize it?

They are custom built. Unless somebody open-sources it, you have to build your own, too.

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