When i can get 1 block?

I don’t know it does work well.
I have changed the OS to Linux for CTC mining.
My computer is working for 18~20 hours everyday.
but I have no blocks.
10 days gone.
I don’t know when I get one block.
Can you tell me roughly when I can get 1 block?

  • My spec -
    CPU : i5-8500
    RAM : 32GB
    OS : Ubuntu 20.04

Because your CPU power is too weak.
In my case, 9900K mine 2~3 blocks per week.

Yes, I agree. but In Benchmarking test, your CPU is twice(x2) as powerful as mine. So in my case I should be able to mine at least one block per week.

Anyway I will try it one week more.

Thank you very much for your kind answer.

It is enough if you have the patience.