This Some Update about Creditcoin

Here is some update you should now
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This tweet will summarise the key changes and updates. Note: YOU MUST head to the announcement for more details on how to apply to Wave 2.

:warning: Validator Community Notice: In order to increase transparency and help us monitor Testnet activities, we are requesting that all Validators link their on-chain identity to their Discord IDs. Check the FAQ in the announcement doc for more instructions.

Updated Rewards

Having listened to your community feedback surrounding Testnet rewards, we’ve re-assessed the rewards structure to ensure that more of you can join the Testnet and that rewards can be distributed as fairly as possible!

As a sign of our appreciation, we’ve doubled the overall prize pool for both Nominators and Validators, with up to 400k $CTC now up for grabs :hugs:

Let’s dive in :point_down:

Nominator Rewards

If you’ve already received your Nominator tokens, then you have successfully applied to ‘Wave 1’. If you made it into Wave 1 then you cannot apply to Wave 2.

:point_right: Wave 1 Rewards: The first 1,000 active Nominators in Wave 1 will still receive up to 100 mainnet CTC tokens each. To claim your prize, you’ll have to fill out a simple form at the end of the Testnet.

:point_right: Wave 2 Rewards: We will re-open a second wave of applications with Season 2 including various qualifiers. Nominators who apply in Season 2 will share a prize pool of 100,000 CTC, split equally between ALL active Wave 2 participants.

:point_right: How to apply to Wave 2: Head to the linked announcement for more information. Please remember that you can only apply to Wave 2 if you have not already received any Testnet tokens.

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