📢 Creditcoin 2.0+ Testnet Summary

Thank you all for your incredible support and help throughout the Testnet. We can’t wait to transform the world of #RWA investing together :raised_hands:

Without further ado, let’s share our biggest takeaways, stats and remind you all how the rewards system works… :point_right:

Firstly, Thank You! :man_bowing:

:hammer: Thanks to all your hardwork, the Creditcoin Dev team was able to gather invaluable performance data for Creditcoin 2.0+, stress-testing the Network under various different conditions to help us optimize the full 2.0+ mainnet release, coming some time later in Q3!

Plus, the community’s feedback on several topics has been loudly received and will now be implemented in the full release. In addition, we also caught and squashed a number of pesky bugs thanks to your hard work. Again, thank you all :raised_hands:

:bar_chart: Final Testnet Stats

Total Applicants: 9,412
Total Active Validators: 286
Total Active Nominators: 2,882
Countries: 91 :earth_asia:
Top 5 Countries: :india::indonesia::us::kr::pakistan:

Participating Countries for Testnet

Global Validator Locations

:trophy: Rewards :trophy:

To claim your Testnet participation rewards, please fill out the Typeform survey here: Claim Your Creditcoin 2.0+ Testnet Participation Reward!

:alarm_clock: Reward Application Period: July 26 - Aug 11 (00:00 UTC)
:date: Reward Date: Rewards will be sent within 4 weeks of Mainnet launch.
:trophy: Reward Type: Mainnet CTC
:scroll: Promotional Usage: You consent to us using any collected information, endorsements and testimonials for our online marketing operations.
:money_with_wings: Plus, you can also complete the optional feedback section to win up to 250 in CTC, available for the top 5 answers. As a reminder on how all the reward tiers work, see below.

:ballot_box: Nominator Rewards
:ocean:Wave 1: All active Nominators who participated in Wave 1 will receive 100 mainnet CTC.
:ocean: Wave 2: All active Nominators who participated in Wave 2 of applications will receive a portion of a collective 100,000 CTC prize pool. (Up to 100 CTC max each)

:robot: Validator Rewards
:trophy: Reward 1: The top 50 Validators at the end of the Testnet, according to total backed CTC, will share a prize pool of 100k mainnet CTC.
:trophy: Reward 2: All Validators who ran nodes during the Testnet will share a prize pool of 100k mainnet CTC, distributed according to node activity throughout the duration of the Testnet.

Reward application form: Claim Your Creditcoin 2.0+ Testnet Participation Reward!

:information_source: Reminder: If you cheated, made duplicate applications, or otherwise failed to adhere to the rules of the Testnet, you may miss out on your rewards.

Full announcement :point_down:


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