Prerequisite for Windows

I am a person who really wants to mine creditcoins. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to mine for over a month because the settings aren’t perfect.

I have little knowledge of programming, but I have successfully mined Ethereum and Chia coins. Looking at it now, these were easy.

While trying various things, I found the following content on Gluwa Github yesterday. Do I have to do this? I don’t even know how to install it. I would be really grateful if someone kindly provided a detailed explanation.

Prerequisite for Windows

Boost 1.67.0 source

Place the source of boost 1.67.0 to C:\local\boost_1_67_0 .

If you would like to use your own directory, you can change the setting in the project properties under C/C++ => Generals => Additional Include Directories.

Static Library

Place the following .lib into \SDK\lib\Debug folder.

Boost 1.67.0:

  1. Download pre-built binaries for boost 1.67.0
  2. Take the following the .libs from the lib64-msvc-14.1 folder libboost_chrono-vc141-mt-gd-x64-1_67.lib


  1. Download and install vcpkg git clone
    cd vcpkg
  2. Install Cryptopp .\vcpkg install cryptopp:x64-windows The .lib file will be in vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\debug\lib\cryptopp-static.lib

cpp-netlib 0.13.rc1:

  1. clone cpp-netlib 0.13.rc1 from git branch release 0.13 git submodule init
    git submodule update
  2. Follow the instruction on calling cmake, use the following command instead:
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug \  
      -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=gcc   \  
      -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=g++ \  
  1. Edit CPP-NETLIB.slnIn properties => C/C++ => Preprocessor => Preprocessor Definitions:Remove WIN32 for x64 platform for the following projects:
    cppnetlib-uribuild above project with x64 platform, and take the .lib files


Follow the instructions in \SDK\sawtooth.lib rebuild instructions.txt to build the sawtooth.lib file

This is intended for developers only, and not required for mining Creditcoin. Please see Creditcoin Miner's Manual - Creditcoin Documentation for information on configuring a miner and Updating Creditcoin Nodes - Creditcoin Documentation for instructions for updating your node with the latest blockchain snapshot and docker images.