Is the 2.0+ mainnet live already?

It looks like switching to PoS from PoW was done silently since block #715,239.
(Creditcoin Explorer)

Since that block, block reward became 0 CTC.

And top 5 rich accounts have ponopoly on staking
by setting max number of validator as 5 now

5GEAkopZHtHfuShTjkRNTzZZSocTGSxMdehgqpkNybhFBH9Q 13,800,000.000 CTC
5D7CvR47XP2PWufhDH7r5WMchCwc6cN6CmhCvPao3gTDpnb7 13,800,000.000 CTC
5GmuAjuXE2hQ3ug9erMn6d1QD4RCwR6DQtfBAQNotYGwNZyx 13,800,000.000 CTC
5GjH25E5v9AhumLsEq2aGPS5hHz3t1R3YkupAueNc9Umjs1A 13,800,000.000 CTC
5HKXYLemHQxX3tt1uiFieVZtPyxw21KXZYcHe8Ewh6TLH8RG 13,800,000.000 CTC

The total token of the new rich accounts is 69,000,000.
The amount is not the same exactly with the amount of yesterday swap(50,000,000) from G-CRE to mainnet.
But I assume the top 5 are releated to your dev team.

And 2.0 miners were ruled out without any notice.
Oh~ there was one twitter posting encouraging 2.0 miners to upgrade their node to new version.
It was the PoS switch many people is waiting?

Nobody thinks this is fair and grace way to hardfork.
It is not Security and Trust(a secure, transparent, and user-centric global financial network).
(Tae Talks | Testnet Mission Complete)

I expected the PoS switch will be some specified time or block height.
Histroy repeats itself.(1.7 → 2.0)

I think you have some plans like

  1. switch to PoS by our own power.
  2. take all staking reward(11,520 CTC per day)
  3. distribute staking reward #2 to community as testnet reward.(you said the reward will be given after mainnet launch)

I know the total testnet reward is about 400,000 CTC.
This situation will be continue for 34 days(400,000/11,520=34.72)?


Or Will you not claim staking rewards?

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I just discovered this project just last night and I’d really like to try it out. But only to be told the testnet token distribution is closed for both waves. Idk how I can get some if anyone would be kind enough to help me with some. I’ll be grateful


@doebrmann Yes.

The 5 active validators currently live are foundation-owned. All rewards earned will be burned or used for community rewards only.

Testnet event has ended. There’s gonna be an announcement coming up soon.
Please continue to keep an eye on our community!