📢 Creditcoin 2.0+ Mainnet is HERE!

We’re excited to announce that Creditcoin 2.0+ is live, upgrading the Network to NPoS. Join the 150,000 CTC incentive program to celebrate! :fire:

:link:Official announcement: Creditcoin 2.0+ Official Launch | Join The Incentive Program Today!

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Stake your FREE CTC token to win now! :point_right:

:rocket: Creditcoin 2.0+ marks another milestone :rocket:

Since the launch of the Creditcoin Network, we have pioneered blockchain utility that delivers real-world impact. Take a quick look at our stats for yourself:

:fire: Loan transactions recorded on-chain: 4.27M
:fire: Total loan value: $79.7M
:fire: Number of loans serviced: 909k
:fire: Number of serviced customers: 337k

But we’re just getting started!

Now, the biggest upgrade of 2023 has been deployed. The 2.0+ upgrade represents the culmination of years of hard work, completely transitioning the Network from PoW to Nominated Proof of Stake.

:money_with_wings: 150k CTC Mainnet Incentive Program :money_with_wings:

To celebrate this momentous milestone, we’re launching a month-long 150k CTC mainnet incentive program exclusively for our community! The best part? We’re giving you free mainnet staking tokens to help secure our RWA blockchain and earn rewards.

The mainnet incentive program will reward our community members with 150,000 CTC (mainnet) tokens, split into 2 prize pools. Every single participant is guaranteed a reward!

How do I join? :grin:

:one: Head to the QuestN and create/add your Substrate wallet to claim your FREE CTC (mainnet) token: 150,000 CTC ($23,000 USD worth) Mainnet Launch Eve

:two: When you receive your free CTC token, head to the Creditcoin Staking dashboard to start nominating - https://staking.creditcoin.org

:three: Complete QuestN missions to climb the leaderboard and win bigger prizes!

How do the prize pools work? :trophy:

Prize Pool A
Pool total: 75,000 CTC (mainnet) tokens How to win: Nominate your free CTC token via our staking dashboard. Every nominator is guaranteed a reward, with the pool split evenly amongst all active wallets.

Prize Pool B
Pool amount: 75,000 CTC (mainnet) tokens How to win: This prize pool is dedicated to the true Creditcoin 2.0+ hustlers, letting you win much bigger prizes by completing new tasks to climb the competition leaderboard - check back daily!

The Top 100 questers will be rewarded…

:1st_place_medal:Top 5 → 2,000 CTC (mainnet) each
:2nd_place_medal:Top 6-20 → 1,000 CTC (mainnet) each
:3rd_place_medal:Top 21-100 → Split the remaining 50,000 CTC (mainnet)

Join the celebration launch and get questing today :point_down:


That sounds really great

but how long will it take to receive my 1 ctc?

Wen i get CTC on polkadot.js?

Great project!Happy to be here… all the best with the project