How to get started as a nominator?

Tell me please, I’m new here


If you’d like to become a Testnet nominator and earn passive $CTC rewards once the mainnet goes live, read our documentation: Nominator Guides - Creditcoin PoS Testnet Documentation

Or even better, check out our step-by-step nominator guide :point_down:


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How to Join :rocket:

:books: Once you’ve read all the relevant guides, it’s time to join the testnet…

:one: Join the community forum: Creditcoin - Creditcoin Community
:two: Set up your Polkadot Wallet on Chrome: Polkadot-js extension, manage accounts for substrate based chains
:three: Request free Testnet tokens: Request Creditcoin 2.0+ Testnet Tokens

Happy bug hunting! :penguin::beetle: