Current mining have problem? or Normal?

Miner sighash : f54f5b09d6820ef3612f86c265264f606f18aff21802f05d54654b45d0c4

Only one sighash can be mined.

What’s the problem?

This was caused by a bug with the API used by the Creditcoin explorer. The API cache has been refreshed now, and the correct miner of the block (b0aac12270fdc457d58826a16468c34263bf) is being reflected now:


sighash : b0aac12270fdc457d58826a16468c34263bf

Is it the gluwa mining team’s sighash? just like f54f5b09d6820ef3612f86c265264f606f18aff21802f05d54654b45d0c4

Sorry, we don’t disclose our sighashes.

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