Bug in miner setup instructions?

The GitHub miner setup doc shows that you should mount -v <your local data path>:/data, however /data isn’t used by the Creditcoin docker container as the DB storage location, /root/.local/share/creditcoin-node/chains/creditcoin/db/full is.

I think this is a bug and should actually be -v /data:/root/.local/share/creditcoin-node or the docker container config should be updated to store the blockchain DB in /data and not /root/.local/share/creditcoin-node

Hey @Jaeden , thanks for letting us know, our devs will give it a shot and see what we could do about it :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jaeden can you include your full docker run command.

I suspect --base-path might be missing from your start arguments.

# the base path to store the node's data
    --base-path /data

this has to match what volume path you are mounting.

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--base-path isn’t mentioned on creditcoin/miner-setup.md at dev · gluwa/creditcoin · GitHub

It was removed from the miner setup instructions in this commit:

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The official mining documentation is here.

Also reachable via Creditcoin - A Borderless Credit Investment Network

I’ll let the dev know that base bath was removed from the github markdown.

Thanks! It might be a good idea to redirect people visiting that miner-setup.md doc to check Creditcoin 2.0 Mining Setup - Creditcoin Documentation