About The Education Category

This category is for learning together. We invite academics, researchers, and teachers to develop educational opportunities for students of CreditCoin

What might we do here?

Ask / Aggregate Generative Questions
Contribute to an Evolving Wiki or Start One!
Develop Content Plans → Organize Knowledge
We are so excited to share CreditCoin with everyone!

Let us know any ideas for potential research topics :thought_balloon: @Siapanamanya @Jobotutihe @urekmazino , Let’s Build Together, Cek this one How to join Credit Coin?


Let’s build together bro


Thanks for taking the initiative! We’d love to have our community members create more educational content to spread the word about Creditcoin.

A unique aspect of the Creditcoin L1 is that it currently focuses on financial institutions utilizing it for real-world asset (RWA) benefits.

Perhaps a start of your educational content can be about how Creditcoin has real-world utility and its contributions to the future of RWAs.

Let me know if that helps!


Nice bro don’t forget to try stake