Why does block explorer fall asleep often?

The block explorer is in a dream for 14 hours.
What is going on?

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Short answer: The explorer is slow in refreshing the latest data. We are fixing it.

Long answer: The explorer is relying on a single node to source data. The current version of the explorer is slow updating a larger chunk of data. When the node the explorer is reading runs into a fork resolution situation, the node drops a chunk of blocks, which means the explorer has to also. Since the explorer is slow doing so, the end-user (you) cannot see the latest data of the blockchain for a while.

We are fixing this problem on two levels. First, we are improving the implementation of Creditcoin to reduce the occurrence of forks. Second, we are enhancing the API behind our explorer (Credal) to read from multiple nodes, so that it will detect fork resolution faster and won’t have to reset its data as often.