What is Nominator?

In the context of blockchain, a “nominator” refers to an entity or individual participating in the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to select validators who will validate blocks of transactions on the blockchain network. In PoS, nominators stake a certain amount of cryptocurrency tokens as collateral. They then choose validators to represent them in the block validation process.

The role of nominators is to select validators they deem trustworthy and reputable in validating transactions. Nominators entrust their stake to a specific validator by placing their collateral with that validator. In some PoS blockchain networks, the staking from nominators may also provide rewards or dividends in the form of new tokens or a portion of transaction fees.

Nominators play a crucial role in maintaining the security and consensus of the blockchain network by selecting reliable validators. They have a vested interest in the network’s success because if the validators they choose behave dishonestly or fail to adhere to the rules, it can negatively impact the network’s security and integrity. Therefore, the role of nominators is vital in the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism to uphold the credibility and reliability of the blockchain network.


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