Unable to view legacy mainnet CTC balance after version update

Happy New Year,

I am a miner who has been active since before version 1.7. Until 2021, I was able to view my CTC balance without issues. However, with the new version of the Creditcoin Explorer, my existing sighash no longer displays my balance.

I followed the legacy sighash query process as per the migration guide on the official Creditcoin GitHub repository, but only a null value is returned (creditcoin/docs/legacy-account-migration.md at dev · gluwa/creditcoin · GitHub).

Is there a possibility that my balance from version 1.7 was not properly migrated to version 2.0? I am looking for guidance or a solution to this issue. Thank you.

I have a legacy sighash, and I executed the legacyWallets query. Unfortunately, the results were not as expected.

Given this situation, is there any way I could utilize the snapshot from version 1.8 to validate or prove my balance? I believe this would help clarify the status of my account in the transition from version.

docker run -d jacogr/polkadot-js-tools api --ws wss://mainnet.creditcoin.network/ws query.creditcoin.legacyWallets 618155a5f1fcc340da5650da6691449273003d51aa97aa4515e9515465ee
2024-01-09 00:26:08        API/INIT: RPC methods not decorated: creditcoin_hashrate, task_getOffchainNonceKey
Unable to map [u8; 32] to a lookup index
2024-01-09 00:26:08        API/INIT: creditcoin-node/232: Not decorating unknown runtime apis: TaskApi/1
  "legacyWallets": null

Hello! It appears that your account has been successfully migrated.
Please check your Creditcoin mainnet address using legacy sighash.

The command is listed in this document:

docker run -it docker.io/parity/subkey inspect --scheme Ecdsa <private key>

If you encounter any difficulties, please leave reply in this thread.

Thank you

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Thank you all for your helpful advice and guidance.

I was able to resolve my issue successfully.! :smiley: