Few steps to follow CreditCoin 2.0+ testnet. I hope to help a little

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Set up your Polkadot Wallet on Chrome: Polkadot-js extension, manage accounts for substrate-based chains
Are you eager to get started with Polkadot? Follow these steps to set up your Polkadot Wallet on Chrome using the Polkadot-js extension. This wallet will enable you to manage your accounts for substrate-based chains, including Creditcoin.

  1. Install the Polkadot-js extension: Head over to the Chrome Web Store and search for “Polkadot-js extension.” Install the extension to your Chrome browser.

  2. Create a new account: Once the extension is installed, open it and create a new account. Remember to store your recovery phrase in a safe place. This phrase is crucial for restoring your wallet in case of any issues.

  3. Connect to substrate-based chains: With your account set up, you can now connect to various substrate-based chains, including Creditcoin. Access the extension, select the desired network, and connect your wallet.

By setting up your Polkadot Wallet on Chrome, you’ll have easy access to manage your accounts and interact with the Creditcoin ecosystem and other substrate-based chains.

Request free Testnet tokens: Request Creditcoin 2.0+ Testnet Tokens
Are you excited to explore the features of Creditcoin 2.0+ on the Testnet? You can request free Testnet tokens to experience the functionality and capabilities of the latest version.

  1. Visit the Testnet token request page: Navigate to the Testnet token request page specifically designed for Creditcoin 2.0+. You can find the link on the official Creditcoin website or through relevant community channels.

  2. Fill out the request form: On the Testnet token request page, fill out the form with the required information. Provide your wallet address and any additional details necessary for the token allocation.

  3. Submit your request: Once you’ve filled in the required information, submit your request. The Creditcoin team will review and process your application. Please note that token availability may vary depending on the current Testnet phase.

By requesting Creditcoin 2.0+ Testnet tokens, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the latest features, test functionalities, and provide valuable feedback to the development team.

Feel free to engage in the Creditcoin community forum, set up your Polkadot Wallet, and request Testnet tokens. Enjoy your journey with Creditcoin and the exciting opportunities it brings!


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