Creditcoin 3.0 Proposal


Since the launch of 2.0, Creditcoin has recorded over 3M real-world loan transactions worth over $ 70M.

I am proud of what we’ve achieved, but even more so, excited for what’s still to come.

Today, I’m excited to share with all of you my proposal for Creditcoin 3.0 :point_right:

Creditcoin 3.0 (CC3) will be the world’s first multi-chain smart contract platform, connecting various blockchains on a single EVM-compatible chain. In other words, CC3 will be the Universal Smart Contract layer tying together #Web3. What does that mean?

:white_check_mark:EVM Compatibility - By turning Creditcoin into a fully EVM-compatible Layer 1 Blockchain, anyone can program new applications, protocols, and more directly on the CC3 blockchain. This will turn Creditcoin from a ledger designed solely to record transactions into one where complex transactions are originated and settled across multiple chains.

:white_check_mark:Universal Oracle - Creditcoin already has a built-in oracle, aggregating transaction information across multiple chains. CC3 will expand on this, vastly increasing the range of available data and providing Creditcoin developers with native access to multi-chain information streams and cross-chain transactions to help build and deploy multi-chain contracts.

:star2::chains:Multi-chain Contract Coordination - Multi-chain contract harmonization is almost impossible in today’s ecosystem. By combining EVM compatibility with our built-in universal generic oracle, CC3 can coordinate, interact and update smart contracts across multiple chains, enabling the harmonization of multi-chain smart contracts, which will help us enable all sorts of new multi-chain applications.

Interested in the novel use cases CC3 unlocks? Read the full proposal for Creditcoin 3.0 :point_down: