G-CRE in Ethereum wallet

Hey guys, I have a few G-CRE I bought a while back and kept in an external erc-20 wallet. I’ve been trying to send it to GOPAX, one of the exchanges that support CTC, but I just heard back that it’s impossible to send G-CRE there. Is there a way I could trade my G-CRE into CTC?

Hi, johnye.

$CTC is the ticker of G-CRE, which is a ERC-20 token.
You can send some G-CRE tokens to GOPAX and check whether they are deposit as CTC or not.
The minimum deposit amount is 3 G-CRE, confirmation time is 45.

If I try to send G-CRE to the CTC address provided by GOPAX, it says that I’m sending to a contract instead of a wallet, and then proceeds to fail transaction. GOPAX also mentioned in their email that it’s impossible to send G-CRE to GOPAX. I’m sort of stumped.

You need to check the following wiki if you are Korean.
G-CRE is just an ERC-20 token, so it should be sent to any exchanges using any ethereum wallet.
$CTC is actually ticker of creditcoin, whose mainnet is built on hyperledger sawtooth, so G-CRE should not be $CTC.
But there is no exchange that listed the hyperledger sawooth mainnet coin until now.
So $CTC on any exchanges is just G-CRE, an ERC-20 token on ethereum, not hyperledger sawtooth coin.
Please refer to the following page.

If you are still in doubt, contact GOPAX service desk.